Keep Kneeling For National Anthem. No Vet Can Use Veteran-ness To Justify Their Displeasure.

Ya know, when the PA announcer says “Please rise for our National Anthem” before it’s rendering, there is an important operative word in their, ‘Please’. Please. A request, NOT a demand. If it were some kind of law, we would be forced to stand, and arrested if we don’t, it isn’t, at best it is a courtesy. As such, given that discourteousness(ie free speech), is absolutely within anyon’es rights in this country, what is the beef? We do NOT worship our flag, or a silly song, and if someone chooses to not stand for a song that they feel falsely represents the reality of this country, so freakin’ be it. I am a vet, I am not offended, in fact, I am fiercely proud of these athletes, and ALL of the other citizens that are raising their voices against injustice. I am proud, I can say” I did that!, I was a part of making that kind of freedom possible.” Without that, that freedom I was willing to die to protect, my service would be rendered useless, meaningless. How dare you try to make thousands of servicemen and women’s service to this country meaningless? How dare you make those that served and died for this country’s future, make their service a waste of life? WE SERVED TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH, NOT TO DEMAND IT BOW BEFORE US!


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