Science And Art Supply Foraging, Book Repurposing/Recycling #homeschoolhighlights

I have ALOT of books. I am a reading nut, and am proud that my children are becoming book nuts too. We really love books, and they dominate our front room.

Today though, at least on the surface, we were destroying a book. I have a number of old textbooks, both those I needed for college coursework back in the day, and books i have picked up in second hand stores, of my own accord, for my own education. One of those books was an astronomy text book. Now, as all college texts are, it was expensive to buy, though it was not expensively produced. It was your average soft bound, giant college textbooks, made with the care of a phonebook, yet costing a months rent.As such, age, and the last few years being here in dry Arizona, the spine of this book was barely holding on. Once I started to use the book as reference for teaching the boys about the solar system, it’s fate was sealed.

Now the book was shedding pages, and I had a couple choices.

Continue letting the kids go through it, slowly throwing pieces away over the next few months,

Throwing it away now,

Try to keep it together and perhaps fix it… sorry.. that’s a lie, I have three kids, that was never an option. Seriously, I apologize… lol… fix the book….

I chose, however, another option.. repurpose/recycle. I gave the kids some scissors, and told them to go thru the book and cut out all of the pictures that they liked in it.

I told them we were saving them for future projects, in both science and art. I had them cut out their pictures and put them in a folder, that we will indeed draw from in the future.

Dad doesn’t have to feel guilty throwing away the book, or for the books abuse, it’s demise.

Kids learn yet another useful way to repurpose or recycle items.

Dad saves money on craft supplies.

Kids get to go nuts, being creative and destructive at the same time.

Dad get’s some peace, with the kids occupied, and manages to poop without an audience, for the first time in three days…




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