More Couch’s Spadefoot Toads Last Night By Avi The Toad Master.

Monsoons hit us pretty hard last night, and we could here these toads calling out to each other as the rain died down to a drizzle for a while. Kids got all excited when mommy pointed out the sound coming from outside.

Of course, they all wanted to get out there and look for them… so,

three small toads were abducted by juvenile giants, put in glass enclosures under white lights, were handled, tickled, and made to pee in fear a couple times, though entirely by accident. My daughters squeal of delight can wake the dead!

Then they were set free for a few minutes, in a large porcelain enclosure, while the juvenile giants observed them, and sang in a weird , unintelligible language.

After that, they were returned to their enclosure, and then returned right back to where they had been abducted, disheveled and addled, but none the worse for wear…..

….. Alien Abductions…

Guilty conscience of childhood animal catchers(maybe torturers), manifesting itself in vivid dreams?


something that absolutely makes sense, we humans do it, regularly. What IS a zoo, after all? If, aliens exist, and are anything like us….. Abduction makes more sense than ALOT of things out there.

…just sayin.

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