Little Stinker, wants To Sleep A Little Longer

Went in to wake my liitle angel, right? She had laid down for a nap, and it ws running a little long… dont really want to have her up until 3 am cuz she had to long of a nap.

She is still out cold, so I crouch down, and kneel by her bed, kinda resting on her legs. I reach up, and tickle her little armpit. She pulls away. Then i start to caress her little arm. She smiles, but doesnt wake.

So i go in for a little ribtickle, she miles ahgain, but still doesnt wake. She does however, stretch, arching her back, and, right under my face, cuts lose with a riper of a fart. Yup, right in my face…..

I go in for a few more ticklers, growl that she is a little stinker through my hushed laughter, and retreat…

though she smiles through itall, she never opemns her eyes, never blinks, just curls back up to go to sleep.

But i knew what was up… she had told me, in no uncertain terms, that she was not ready to get up. In the most, ‘In your face’, literally, ways, she could summon

And I, being a dad, who has faced chemical weapon attacks before, knew the deal…

just slowly back away, live to kill another day.. errrr, let the toddler sleep, OK,

I mean, er is what I meant, err, yeah…



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