Nasty Surprise! Thankfully, It Was In It’s Own Sticky Situation

Cat came in the house the other day, struggling to get this wrapper off of it’s foot. Noticing the poor feline’s struggle, hopped up to help her get it unstuck from hr paws.

He pulls it off, and like any curious 7 year old that loves to read, starts to read the label and ingredients listed on the label. Then flipping it over, he squeals, jumps back toward the couch while flinging the label away from himself.

Turns out the cat wasn’t the only thing stuck to the adhesive from this label. The scorpion is probably what drew the cats attention to the label in the first place!

Even it’s stinger was stuck down, claws as well. It was still alive(WAS), so gotta be thankful for that ridiculously tacky adhesive, could have been a really rough day for the boy, the cat too.


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