We Are All Looking For A New Social Media Platform. Maybe We Should Try One Or Both Of These, Path and Vero

I know all of us are looking for a replacement ofr facebook. No, we don’t really care to wait around and hope they fix it, we are pretty ready to jump ship. So, in that spirit, I am trying out a couple other social media platforms…. Maybe you will join me on one or both. Not really gonna know which one to use, until we start trying to use them to communicate….

So below, is Path….

I want to share my moments with you. Tap http://www.path.com/profile/1P0HYE to join me on Path!

The other new social media platform, though it is only for phones, not home computers. Is called Vero.

Join me on Vero.

I have joined both, and really haven’t built any friends on either yet, so i really don’t have a preference……

Hopefully I will see you on one or both, in the near future… you know you thru with Facebook… we just have to decide which other platform we are gonna populate.



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