Another Crazy Big Moth, Out here In Mammoth, Arizona

My wife caught this one at work, late the other night. She said she thought it was a bird or a bat, as big as it was. It kept swooping around in the parking lot. Finally, she realized it wasn’t a bat, because they, the bats, were dive bombing and trying to catch him. She said it looked like a scene from one of those WWII Fighter Pilot Movies…

She said it kept doing aerial Kung Fu moves on the bats, moving, almost hopping, if you can hop in mid air, over or around the attacking bats, moving at the last possible second to send the bats screaming on by.

It eventually found it’s way under the front awning of the building, where, curiously, the bats refused to pursue it. Perhaps the excessive light and the buzzing of said lights, fuck with the bats senses.

Exhausted, the moth eventually settled on the ground, My wife picked it up, and brought it home to the kids after she got off work.


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