Cranberry Butternut Squash Balls, Cran-But-Nut Balls, Butternut Balls with Cranberries?

Having been on a bit of a fritter craze, and having some leftover(alot of leftover)baked butternut squash, with cranberries and brown sugar, I decided to try maker some fritters out of it. Ya know, squash balls, sounds appealing, right.

So many funny options for the name on this one.

Give me time, I’ll pick one….

Anyhow, turned out much better than i was expecting, and my kids are gobbling them up, turning aside the other fritters, regardless the flavor.

Even finicky Avi, who HATED the Butternut Squash in it’s original incarnation, couldn’t leave the Cran-Butternut Balls alone….

I dubbed this one the turkey, neck isn’t long enough for a goose!

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