I Found KosherLand! #KosherLand

You Know I had to have it, right? In the wrapper, brand new..

This is so freakin great… Did you see that the O is a donut? Oh yeah, when Donuts are part of the religion, part of the festival… THAT, is a delicious kind of Deity….

You should see how excited the kids are about it. Told them to wait until this evening… Gotta get at least one semi-fightless naptime out of the score!

And on the “score” note… yes, as you can see by the tags, Goodwill had it marked down to 2.99, from 12.99 new, huh, huh? Right?

Even better, I got a Military Discount!

I mean really, is it even Kosher, to buy KosherLand at full price?


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