Fart, Poop, Doody! VS. Fart-Poop Duty

She was kinda grousing under her breath, about the kids their movies and their rowdy behavior that evening. I came around the corner, and what I caught was, “Yeah, and thanx alot for ‘Fart, Poop, Doody’ for the next six months!

I looked at her puzzled for a few seconds, trying to figure out what fart-poop duty was? I was trying to figure out who was causing this type of duty, and rt poop duty entailed. Was somebody leaving peanut butter streaks in their undies? I was really confused….

I asked, fart poop duty? What is that?”

She looks at me like I am daft, and says”Baby Boss? The movie, when the baby tries to hide he can talk by saying, ‘fart, poop, doody?”

And it hit me….. Baby Boss… we have been watching it adnauseum lately, of course makes sense now..

But she was now puzzled as to why i was puzzled….So I explained”Ironically, I was thinking about it being a job, Fart poop Duty, like laundry duty, or bedpan duty, so I was trying to figure what the job actually entailed.’

She laughed, and I went further, “Ironically, now I am thinking about the ‘Hero’s Duty’- ‘Hero’s Doody’ joke from “Wreck It Ralph”.

We watch too many kid’s movies, I fear…..

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