Avi’s Puppet Show and Milo’s Puppet Dancers #homeschoolhighlights

We did some puppet shows and such the other day. The boys worked out scenarios, learned how to look through the camera, how to set the scene, aim the camera shot, etc.

It was hectic, but fun… They had an absolute ball.

Oh, and sorry about the quality… We are working with old video tape equipment. I want them to know how to work with the older stuff, so they get a better appreciation of the process….

and, if they drop the old video camera, and break it, it doesn’t cut the family off from the outside world, like dropping the iphone would… pragmatism, the word of the day.

Avi’s Puppet Show https://youtu.be/IgII7r1Mai0

Milo’s Puppet Dancers https://youtu.be/zreKvxFh_KA


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