Fitting The Description.

Fitting The Description.

This is the most common criminal conviction, of all. Not only common, but they also have an almost 100% percent conviction rate… and this is nation wide man, nation wide.

It is also one , where you are charged, convicted, and sentenced, in seconds… literally. You are found quilty, before the lights on the police cruiser go on. Yup.

Now some of you know what I am talking about. Most of you are entirely clueless, you have never heard of ot, never knew it was a crime, because you have never done it….

What is that crime, one so heinous as to not warrant a trial, that summary decisions arebot the norm, and the rule.?

That crime is “Fitting The Description”

Those of you that know.. well, you just know, right? Seen it happen, or ya had it happen to you. Maybe it happens all of the time

Maybe you have been walking alone at night, in a neighborhood, that someone decides you don’t belong in, and they call the police.

It is what is happening to African Americans, Latino Americans and other ethnic minorities when scared white folk call the police on them for having day to day lives.

Fitting the description… of what? Usually they say you fit some vague description given by, in all likelihood, a fictitious complainant, about some suspicious acting, dark, unknown stranger. Yeah, it is usually the cop themself that decides you don’t belong there. Why is that?

Suspicious looking, means not white, OK? That is why.

What exactly is the crime that we are guilty of for having Melanin in our skin? Are we abusing Vitamin D in some weird way?

I just don’t get white folks, ‘Boogyman meter’. It is just so cockeyed.. Nobody kills more white people, than white people. Nobody kills more People than white people! Figger that, folks.

If you really want to be afraid of something white folks…. be afraid of churches wanting access to your children. Be afraid of Gangster thugs in blue, enforcing fascist ideals and policies. Be afraid Corporate Entities who value profit off your back, more than the care for that same back.

Seriously, blaming the ethnic minority for the harvest of Corporate greed is exactly what they want from you. They don’t want you to realize the REAL Minority problem, isn’t about color, it’s about dollars.

The real dangerous minority, is the wealthy 1%……. Let’s start profiling them, see how they like it….. The French did that once, if I remember correctly….


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