Beavers, Huskies, Stinkin’ Up Opening Weekend

Good Lord Oregon State, where is your speed on defense? Where are the lineman, chugging top speed tailing the play, just in case? Defense lacks desire, it seems… I know, it was Ohio State… but even after the long break in play, presumably coming out well rested, Oregon State came out flat

The defense seems to have run thru a big steaming pile of ‘Quit’ on their way out of the tunnel, and it seems to have stuck in their cleats for the rest of the game.

Now as to Washington… really? Just spot them 6 points right out the gate and start the game over? what the Fuck?

Um, Huskies, The Pac 12 is counting on you to NOT step on your dick on the National stage, making our relevance as a Conference to the National Title picture that must harder to prove! Sheesh!

Damn! No real offense at all, at least not when it counted, in the red zone. Their defense was admirable, for the most part. But the Huskies, if this is their offense, will not survive the Rapid scoring Pac-12 unscathed. Indeed, they look more like 2nd or 3rd in the North, rather than the tops… just sayin’


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