Betsy DeVos sides with predatory for-profit colleges over America’s students

This is the American Marie Antoinette that gives me a real dog in this fight, ideologically anyway. A way to explain how hurtful trumpy world’s policies are. . She is the reason we haven’t already moved back to Oregon, the reason we still have to delay until Tax season next February… AND.. the looming reason we might not get to make that move at all. This Corinthia thing she is stalling on is EXACTLY what is on our plate. We qualify for the forgiveness, the Justice Dept took 30 million from Corinthian, but she is dragging her fucking heals approving the forgiveness orders, and letting all of us get on with our lives.

Worst part, in this Bizzaro world we live in, and with her support of for profit colleges, i can see a world where she will try to undo the debt forgiveness program we are already involved in… just because of Murphy’s Law… I think the reality is, she is delaying, until after they change the rules.

My hope is that the rules that were in effect when judgement was made would go into effect, but who knows, this is Trumpy the Clown’s world. But even then, the delays might force us to take simple forgiveness and go on with our lives, and forego getting back what the fed’s already took from us.

If all things go our way, Dept of education will have to cut us a check for 10,000 bucks…. So I can see them trying to starve us all out until 10 or 20 grand isn’t worth the hassle, we want our credit back, etc, etc. …. we shall see

I really hope the next time that foreign flagged yacht of Betsy DeVos’s goes out into International waters, that Pirates get it… Would serve her right.. What’s that? A little harsh, after all she is a government official, a little harsh wishing pirates on her?

We ll hey, our illustrious president called on Russian Intelligence, and International Hackers to attack his opponent in a presidential race, and has encouraged violence on protesters and the media… I think i am safe here… besides, I wished pirates upon her boat, not her…

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos moves to remove protections for students enrolled at for-profit colleges or burdened by student-loan debt.
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Under the Obama administration, Corinthian Colleges was fined $30 million in 2015 for its habit of inflating graduation rates. It shut down, as did ITT Tech the following year. But Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been dragging her heels when it comes to forgiving the federal loans of former Corinthian students, even though they are legally entitled to that relief.


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