Duck Opener Against Bowling Green… It’s A Win On Opening Weekend. It’s 1-0 #goducks

New coach, new schemes, so a good start, all considered.

Not going to win the Pac-12 North though, much less the Pac-12 outright, with 10-21 passing. Too damn many drops, but they will get better.

not going to win the Pac spotting opponents 10 points to start the game either. offense needs to come out there hot and itching for the fight, jump on them straight out the gate, step on their neck early, and often.

Much better on penalties.

Like what Cristobal is doing. Hope he can get those young receivers to start catching the ball.

6 touchdowns, 5 in the air is no joke for any quarterback, good work Herbert… but again, 10-21 aint gonna cut it in the cut throat, high scoring Pac -12 .

Room to grow for sure… but no dreams or brackets were crushed today, it was a win… Next step Ducks, next step.


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