Family Tree DNA, Best DNA Testing And Analysis, In My Opinion. #chooseFTDNA #chooseFamilyTreeDNA

all things being considered, I have to recommend Family Tree DNA. They have the most time in the field, of genetic testing, that is. Ancestry has an edge, due to it’s company starting out as genealogical service, in the genealogy department, but really, only if you subscribe. If you aren’t subscribing, Family tree DNA is the hands down favorite. Million Dollar Ad campaign aside, FTDNA, in my opinion, is the better choice.

And yes, I have tested samples with both companies.

this genealogy enthusiast recommends FTDNA. In no small part, because of the level of knowledge and experience of not only the staff, but the long time testees and amatuer researchers, that populate the Family tree DNA Community

#chooseFTDNA #chooseFamilyTreeDNA

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