Silent Coup? Cabinet Members Resistance? Has The Coup Already Happened?

If Cabinet Members are actively thwarting the agenda of the president, however wrong-headed or dangerous the presidents agenda might be, we have in fact, already been victims of a coup as a nation. Remember, these guys are generals, admirals and Oligarchs… Ya know, the usual suspects in any Fascist Coup.

These people know they needed to use Article 25 to impeach, but they also know that they would lose their power, power gained illegitimately, I might add, if they did..

Oh, I am sure they have managed to convince themselves, and will probably manage to convince their slack-jawed trumpleton base that, they were doing this for the good of the country.

Dont believe the hype folks. The good of the country, would have been Article 25 impeachment, months ago, and Pence in office, helping lose more seats, both house and Senate. They know, however, that Pence would probably do his own purge, and they wouldn’t survive it. they hoped to keep Trump as a puppet, so they could continue looting the riches of this country, it’s people.

They have now though, really screwed themselves… as it is starting to look like Pence may have knowledge of things that may just get him impeached too…. With Paul Ryan retiring, and maybe a blue wave in the House…. Will the Democrats in the House be thinking about their potential next president, when they elect the next Speaker of the House? Will they be electing that position, with a replacement in mind, should he have to take the position of president.


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