Six Months Of Packing

Though our eventual destination isnt set in stone as of yet,The place we are leaving is. No doubt about it, we are leaving Mammoth, Arizona.

Though early on, Mexico was looking to be our destination, and still could be,tobefair, Finances seem to be dictating that we stay Stateside. Hell, we aren’t even sure if we will get out of Arizona, but we will be getting out of Mammoth!

Oregon is our most likely destination, given our roots there, though where in oregon, likewise, is still up in the air. Bend/Redmond, Ashland, Hood River, maybe. Gonna try to avoid the rainy Willamette Valley, Portland, Salem, Eugene/Springfield. We miss the rain, but not that much!

With all of this uncertainty, It is good to have somthingto focus on, something you know is going top happen. To this end, we have started packing up our belingings now,for a move that will happen come February, or early March.

We decided we would try to make this move as pain free as we can, and one of the ways we are hoping to do it, is to geta serious jump on our packing. We ned to downsize, quite a bit really, and the slower and more methocically we can do our sorting and packing, the less likely we are to take things not worth storing or hauling.

This way we can slowly throw away things slowly, weekly, in our trash bin, and weekly, donating other things, perhaps still of value, but not worth transporting cross country, or simply not being used by the kids, or parents any more. Also gives us an opportunity to really evaluate things. I just hate trying to pack stuff up while the truck is sitting not being loaded. Feels liek such a waste, paying for a truck to sit idle because you arent done packing.

Now, we are probably going to use pods or cubes, rather than a truck, but the issue still applies, just not as drastically. Having the cubes sitting while you are still packing.

So we have been sorting through stuff, and packing some things up, over the last month. Mostly books art, food storage, knic-knacs and keepsakes have been the focus thus far. I have ben trying to look at things, and see what things I will actually need over the next six months. If i wont need it, it is a candidate to be packe dearly. If I havent used it in over a year, it bears serious consideration for the donation, for sale or trash piles.

I want to slowly pack, so that by the time we are within a month of our target move date, we have everything packed, that we don’t need for our day to day life. So a good chunk of our kitchen stuff, our clothes, beds, and some electronic equipment, will be held out to the last. anything else, tools, stereo and musical equip, most of the toys, etc., need to be packed up in about 5 months.

Another factor in what i pack, is how hard something is to pack. I fit needs a particularly largebox, then when we happen to faorage and procure said largge box, that item, and items related to it, are quite likely going to get packed? Why? We have three small children. Large boxes are licke catnip to them, small boxes too, to be fair. They can’t not play with them. And that, well that means destroying them. There is no other way, the fort will be played with, until it falls apart and dies.

As such, we need to pack boxes, and get them stowed, before our little box pirates hi-jack them for their imaginary adventures.. Aaaaarrrrghhhh!


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