My First Drive By

We were just standing there, watching the freaks and punks go by. ]ust smokin’ cigarettes and drinking shoulder tap beers out of fountain cups. We were just hanging out, prefunking, for a party we were going to later. I was 15, maybe 16. It was warm out, and we were just slouchin’ on the wall of the convenience store on the corner.

]ust smokin’ cigarettes and drinking shoulder tap beers

I am pulling a smoke out the pack,, and fumbling for my lighter, when my buddy starts pulling and hitting my arm,Saying “Hey, hey man, look at that car, comin up? See that? That one man, they creepin'”

I however, was not looking, because, his slapping at my arm caused me to drop my cigarette, so I was crouched down trying to pick up my smoke… When the shots rang out.

BANG! BANG! BANG!.. bang bang.. then the squealing of tires, and yelling and screaming of those getting out of the way.

I went the rest of the way to the ground fast, then crawled and scurried around the corner of the building, as did everybody else.

I went the rest of the way to the ground fast,

Now, the shooters took off quick! Truthfully, therewaas no reason toskurry, really. They had taken theshots they hadintended totake.

But still, it took us a few minutes to do more than peek around theorner… and resume smoking, frenetically smoking.

Finally though,we went out to look at where we were standing. When it happened. There were chunks of concrete missing,where thebullets had hit the building, and we were all commenting on how close the bullets were to where we had been standing

That is when I realized, my buddy knocking the cigarette out of my hand may have saved my life! The holes in the wall, well two of them were right in the wall where i was standing, would have hit me center mass.Two times, center mass… yeah…heavy shit, right?

If I hadn’t bent down to get my smoke at that particular moment, I’da been done.

Shit! I was bleeding!

Only upon putting my hands on my head in wonder, did I notice the warm sticky substance onthe back of my skull, low, near the collar line.

Shit! I was bleeding!

Now I knew I hadn’t been hit, I am sure I would have known. Besides, we could see where the bullets had hit, I hadn’t been hit.

The general consensus was i must have been hitby shrapnel,or maybe a chunk of the concrete that had been blown out of the wall.

regardless the cause, the cut was pretty small, maybe a little deep, but small, and being a 15 year old tough kid, pretending to be much older, ok, downright lying about my age, I was playing it off… It really wasn’t bleeding any more, just some blood on my shirt to brag on at the party we were heading to later.

It was about then that we heard the sirens, meaning the cops were coming. Being minors, and basically unscathed, we starting hoofing it, back through the neighborhood. No need to get shot at AND get a Minor in possession ticket on top of it!

Though we ranted for most of the night about it, none of us seemed to be able to figureout why WE got shot at. Were we really the target? Was it mistaken identity? Just a random act? We couldn’t figure it out.

One conclusion we did come to, was that dude that slapped that smoke out of my hand may very well have saved my life. Hell, maybe he saved all of our lives. Pretty sure his partying was free for the next couple of days.

Yeah, turns out, he didn’t save my life, he damn near got me killed!!

unfortunately, his good fortune ran out, about two weeks later.

Turns out, that drive by wasn’t random, he had been the target. Apparently, he hadn’t told us about a robbery he had been involved in about a month before. It seems, he bit off way more than he could chew, and those stolen from found out who he was.

Yeah, turns out, he didn’t save my life, he damn near got me killed!!


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