9-11 is here again. I have different reasons to be sad today. You see, 4 years ago, my mother died on this date.

We joked as a family, that Mom wanted to make sure nobody forgot the day she passed. Besides, as a retired cop, it seemed appropriate, ya know? Remember OUR fallen officer, same day as so many other fallen officers.

So 9-11 is definitely a day to mourn a hero, my Mom.

In fact, though I do feel bad for those families that lost someone on in the Towers, I don’t feel nearly as bad for any of them, as I do for my mother, and not for the reason you think. Nope, not just because she was my mom.

No. You see, she died of cancer. She had fought it, for 10 years, but eventually, cancer took her from us. She didn’t ask for cancer. She didn’t lead a life that might make her more prone to cancer. She took care of herself. She stopped all of those destructive behaviors, the smoking and drinking, 30-40 years prior.

She didn’t ask for this, and she fought as hard as she could to defeat it, to get her healthy life back. To no avail, however, Cancer took her anyway

Now, on deeper reflection, I cannot say the same for those lost in the Towers. They may not have asked for their fate…. but The United States, has been asking for it for a long time.

Please don’t call unpatriotic, the telling of truth. You know, in your soul, it is true.

We have done nothing but throw our weight around for the last 75 years,

We have done nothing but throw our weight around for the last 75 years, longer really, we have just been the biggest dog on the block, for the last 75 or so.

We push, financially, militarily, politically. We shut down markets, boycott products that are the lifeblood of their countries, and resort to simple executions or coups, when the more velvet hammers don’t work. In short.. as a country, we are , kinda the bullies.

just as the bullies in all of those coming of age movies get their come uppance, so do International bullies. Just as some of those school shooters out there, were bullied and harassed mercilessly, before they snapped and chose to commit carnage on campus, have a particular table, or group to target first. Their tormentors. Those tormentors, usually the jocks and the popular, are those responsible for the stratification of social status on campus. The Strong.. And The Rich. These are your bullies.

we are , kinda the bullies.

Indeed, the Towers, were less classic terrorism, less indiscriminent, chaos causing, civilians and the innocent are the target, a catastrophe. This was a precise strike, against the specific institutions in this ciuntry, used to bully and subjugate those that attacked.

They didn’t go after the truly innocent, they went after the complicit. Yes there were innocents. Yes, there were those that weren’t complicit, sure. But ya got to hand it to them, they sure did focus their animosity on targets with, extremely high percentages of the complicit, whether they were aware of their complicity, or not..

They could just as easily attacked a sporting event, and hundreds of thousands of average, Americans, complicit, only in their ignorance and apathy. They didn’t though.

Don’t get me wrong.. The terror attacks were NOT justified. The Terrorists, were NOT right, make no mistake, I am NOT apologizing for them.

That being said….

Just as these school shooters are over reacting to external stimuli, and finally violently lashing out at them, so also with International, and homegrown terrorists.

They are of the the same dynamic… the oppressed lashing out at their oppressor.

So… We can continue ramping up the oppression, only to make the violent reactions even more severe….. Or we can quit being the oppressor…. both on the micro,school, community level, and the macro, nation state level.

They are of the the same dynamic… the oppressed lashing out at their oppressor.

Like my Mom, why don’t we do everything we can, to make ourselves healthy, to beat the cancer. Sure, Cancer, like terrorists, will still exist, may even still kill us. But going out of our way to keep cancer from starting in the first place, inside and out, might just be a damn good start.

Perhaps, if we quit inviting the cancer….. it will quit coming… Just a thought…



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