Hey FaceBook… You Ate Your Words, Now Pay The Piper!

This shit right here!

I was banned from fb for 24 hours, for community standards violations, that weren’t. Banned from posting, commenting, etc. I appealed, they persisted with claiming it violated standards.

It took two more appeals to get them to actually look at it, and findthat they were mistaken….

They appologized, but that doesn’t get me that 24 hours back…. I use fb to drive traffic to my blog… which is monetized….. meaning, they potentially cost me money with their mistake.

fb isn’t free… we pay withour data that we allow them to use. And they are making big money off of our data…. SO… I want recompense fb. You were mistaken. You punished me for something I didn’t do… and I expect ammends to be made.

How much do you figure fb makes off of an average user in 24 hours? How many times do they sell, and resell that data? To may way of thinking, given I was banned wrongly, yet they still took my data, and made money with it…. FB needs to make reparations….

It’s not like you quit using my data, fb. You kept analyzing it, packaging and re-packaging it, selling it. You kept benefitting from our already very one-sided arrangement, while denying me the service on my end. No warning, no reminder of standards. No simply deleting the offensive file. No, you went straight to banishment, for Stardards I HADN’T broken!

i had to push for review, three times, after you had already administered punishment, to get this put right.

That, is breach of contract, plain and simple. i cannot get that time back. you cannot give me my data back. Hence, the agreement was violated, by fb, not me.

Breach of Contract…..

so… I figure fb owes me ALL profits, financial AND intellectual garnered by the use, or simple possession of, any and all of my data, for said 24 hour period.

Whatever fb made, on average, per user, per day. What does that work out to fb?….. might satisfy me…

Below, are the picture, and an unrelated article about the passing of Burt Reynolds. These Are The entirety of the Original post.

Burt Reynolds, the charismatic star of such films as ‘Deliverance,’ ‘The Longest Yard’ and ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ who set out to have as much fun as possible on and off the screen — and wildly succeeded — has died. He was 82.
— Read on www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/burt-reynolds-dead-deliverance-boogie-nights-star-was-82-831093

And down below… you will see how, imitation, Being the sincerest form of flattery, doubles down and proves the point, this is Art, not Pornography. These are currently going to an exhibit focusing on Humor in Native American Art.

Read below…

KUOW -How naked Burt Reynolds ended up in a Native art gallery in Seattle



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