Cheeseburger Personal Pizza, or, Cheesy Baked Sloppy Joe’s

Really didn’t have enough ground beef defrosted to make hamburgers for everyone, and luckily, no one was expecting burgers anyway. Had I come with this when they were expecting burgers, this might not have gone over as well, might have been a let down. As it was, it was a hit, because it seemed like putting hamburgers and pizza together. it is all about perspective, folks, not just with kids, either.

I sautéed some onions, peppers and tomatoes. Browned some ground beef, not much, maybe half a pound, probably less.

I combined the two,, and let it simmer while I split some assorted rolls, and placed them ona pan for baking.

ThenI put ascoop, tablespoon, give or take, of the meat and veggie’s on thebun, and sprinkle cheddar cheese liberallyon top.

Put them, on a tray, as I said, in the oven at 350, and simply wait long enough for the cheese to be good and melted.

That’s it! Take them out and let them cooled for a couple of minutes, and serve.

If your kids, or adults,are a little finicky, put outsome dipping sauces… Ranch, Barbeque, thousand, ketchup, you know the drill.

Had i added more tomato, or maybe some tomato sauce,it probably would be more like a sloppy joe, just baked and smothered in cheese.

So maybe, they are Baked-Not-So-Sloppy Joes…. Whatever they are, they were great!

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