Eagle Six! #dadlife #homeschoolhighlights

My five year old and I were working on his addition tables the other day. He is pretty good right out thegate, with what the totalsare supposed to be. He just doesn’t really understand the plus, minus and equal signs quite yet.

Plus and minus were easy enough to convey the meaning of, he got it, pretty easy.

Equal was still evading him, soi explained that meant total “Ahah!” Moment, you could literally see the lightbulb go on.

He gets it, I use total in equal’s place, and he breezes right on through it. Right on through the math problems, likea whiz.

Equal, is still evading him though, it is confusing. Now, I am thinking, hey, equal just isn’t part of his vocabulary, no worries,he knows it now.

I was wrong. Not about him understanding the math we were doing, he got that just fine. No, I was wrong, about what was confusing him. It wasn’t so much, he knew no meaning for equal, he was mis-hearing the word..

You see, I ask him to read the next equation to me.

He says,”three plus one eagle four”, and before I can ask what he said, he continues with the next equation,”Five plus one eagle six!”

NOW it makes sense! Eagle, not equal! That’s what was messing with him! He was trying to figure out why eagle means total!!

Now I was trying not to laugh out loud, I didn’ want to hurt my little buddy’s feelers,but this was just precious, cute,and funny.

Now, before you fret, I did the right thing, and explained it… No matter how much fun pulling a Steve Martin on that one, might have been… (‘talk wrong to your kids’ bit).

We all got a laugh out of it, and, yes , he now knows equal and eagle are different words. And, bless his little heart, sometimes, when we are doing math, he will look at me, grin, and use eagle instead of equal.. just to make me his daddy laugh.

Eagle six….

tee heee…

Eagle six…

Maybe the kid has a future in Hieroglyphics…. , Hell, Maybe we got an NFL Quarterback on our hands….ya know…



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