Tired Of Dialing It Back, Tired Of Reigning It In

Tired of having to worry

about intimidating

with my mundane,

Tired of the stupid,

making me

dumb it down

to get by

Tired of the ignorant’s

fears being moral authority

Tired of dialing it back

Tired of toning it down,

to get by,


as it turns out,

i havent gotten by.

I havent got the payout,

the reward

for patience

and restraint.


i seem to have

only set myself up

for more opportunities,

to go two steps forward,

and one step back,

to appease

the under trained,

under talented


of the status quo.

Tired of reigning in

who I am,

what i think,

how i truly feel,

just to not make waves.

Waves don’t seem

to give me any excuses,

I have to weather them,

as they come,

no matter how,

or from whom,

they come.

Why do the entitled

have the luxury

of considering

waves to their lifestyle,

waves to their dogma,

as abnormal acts

that shouldnt be tolerated,

all should come together

to calm the waves

in their lives?

It is an


when the turbulence

wobbles the entitled

and spoiled.

What a crisis

someone save them!

How nice must it be,

to be worried

about foreclosure,

or financial penalties,

when the masses

are worried about

where tomorrow’s food

will come from,

much less

whether it will be

eaten under a roof!


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