Generation X, First Screen People

We were the first


where the majority of

the population’s


were being born

into a home

with a tv set,

maybe two.

not everybody

had a color tv,

or a big tv,

but tv

was there

It was there

Itwas on

ALL day

Or at least

Til the

Test pattern

Came on

At the end

of Broadcast day


On To sooth

To babysit

To educate

To pontificate

To indoctrinate

And to sell

Sell,sell, sell

first generation

where everyone

we saw

the war

in moving pictures,

Color pictures

sometimes live….

Live carnage

Just tune in

At suppertime

saw the images on

over the dinner table

Not in some


or in the


In moving pictures,

And stereo sound

.We saw riots

police shootings,

people on fire

The world on fire

every disaster,

with in 24 hours,

in moving pictures…

not over radio waves

the next day,

or in print

a week later… no,

moving pictures

same damn day

Generation X

Raised by the tube

A three channel tube

But still

A light emitting tube

First generation

of’screen humans

Screen humans

The next Evo-Lation




Station to Station

We were the

First generation

Of this

paranoid androginate,

the devastation vacation

Of this jaded

Un-moored Nation


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