A Childs Growing Concept Of Hell, For This Century

I was talking with Avi and Milo about Hell, as I caught them talking about it. Thanks to Inferno, the movie, and of course it’s subject, Dante Alighieri’s Book, Inferno .

They seemed to have a pretty clear concept of Hell, not so much Heaven, typical judeo-christian emphasis on punishment. We don’t push religion, but we live in a VERY conservative Uber-Christian community, so they know the basic story.

Knowing They had been exposed to the Christian Idea of Hell, I was trying to make sure they understood not all people believe that way, and that indeed, there are drastically different theories about what happens to us after death. I also emphasized that NONE are proven….

I was trying to make it clear to them, that some believe there is no Hell at all, and that still others believe Earth right now, is actually Hell. This got Avi’s attention.

Avi looks at me, with that screwed up ‘I am thinking’ face, and says, “Well, when soldiers are fighting, at war…that is Hell. It is, really”

Mind Blown… and enough said i reckon. I think he got it, in an age old nutshell.

Yeah, definitely, war is hell… Out of the mouths of Babes..

War Is hell!

And of course, that got me to thinking, which lead to this thought.

There is no Hell, in the absence of Man. Man has to bring it with him, and what Man brings with him, wherever he goes, is War


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