Pirate Prince and His Punk Rock Mermaid

if Poseidon had a strip club, I would be his DJ….

This pic just makes me think of my pretty wife, my very own piratical mermaid…

Oh yeah, she has,


taken me clean

overboard matey…

done domesticated

this old Pirate Prince,

Who’s thundering voice

Could make

the gods wince

this thunderer of planks

And shaker of walls

This floor cleaner

This door clearer

This buster of balls

Is now a


A fetcher of bottles

A bringerof snacks

And washer of things

A butler

A cook

A waiter

And maid


All of this

For the choice

The choice

That he made

When he chose

And eagerly so

To lay with this maid

To what end?

To what goal

For what aim

Did you allow

Your heart

To be stole?

Those grommets,

those snotty

And whining

little kids

That are always

Into things

Always taking

off lids.

Well The joy

they bring

Every day and

every night

Is worth

every sacrifice

Worth every fight

Worth every hardship

Let me tell you

my friend

if you gave

This pirate prince

A choice

He would do it

all over



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