Snake Mating Season + Psycho Dog= Punctured Dog

looks like one of those times this crazy dog was barking at the long grass by the fence, there was something more than a stray cat there.

Not sure if it was a rattlesnake, but that is the most likely culprit in the neighborhood. It is mating season for them, and the males are searching,and aggressive to the point of stupid. Well, stupid met it’s match with this dog!

We didn’t realize what it even was, for quite a few days. We had assumed her and the other dog had scuffled a bit, as she is an absolute pest, and old Lou, who is beyond a decade old and arthritic, finally gets sick of her shit once in a while. Turns out what looked to be a bit af swelling and road rash from a scuffle with Lou, was actually swelling from a light dose of toxins, presumably from a rattle snake. Given the width of the puncture marks, it was an adult snake. Luckily so, they are more apt to meter their doses, and even even strike without poison on a first strike. Not so with the babies. I presume, she must have got a mild dose of poison

Ironically, part of the reason we may not have noticed, is that this fool dog won’t leave the Sonoran desert Toads alone. Constantly going after them, getting poisoned, getting sick,doing it again. Ridiculous,she just won’t leave them alone!

Probably built up a tolerance to the pain and hallucinations… hope it doesn’t become a habit..

my dog is a venom junkie


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