Go Ducks, Clearcut Stanford’s Timber! #goducks

Oregon and Stanford, Gameday in town… Oh My, To be in eugene would be a dream. Sadly, I am still stuck in the Bum Fuck deserts of Arizona.. but I will be grateful, to be able to watch a game without being tied to a phone or an app….

Still, be able to watch a whole game, get the kids really ito it, really let them see what the crowd back home,what back home itself, looks like.

Like watching Grimm, with fewer monsters and more hippies..

So, no more half gassing it boys… this is a real deal team, from a no slouch program…Time to go Willamette Valley Logger on This stand of timber called Stanford… Time for some old school clear cutting… C’mon Ducks…. nobody thinks ya can… shock the world mallards….


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