my Ducklings went Straight Rabid Watching Oregon Vs Stanford. #goducks

Oh man, the stars must have aligned, because the kids got REALLY into the game today, excited for. The whole game!

Avi, after seeing the crowds and tailgaters at the game, after seeing Autzen Stadium in full bloom of Green and Gold… he as full tilt on making his own sign

This is the whole gang, duck hats on, screaming in preparation for kickoff. Seriously, they really turned it up a notch this weak,inn their excitement… really helps when hey can actually see the game on TV

Milo too got into the spirit, if you look at his sign, his cute little 5 year oldness, …. I wrote DUCKS for him, but he got my template upside down before he got started. So we flipped the sign over, no blood no foul!

Crushing to lose the way we did… but lose we did…mazingly snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory… just stunned… But hey, We are Duck fans… this shit happens, and on quite a few occasions, we were on the other end of one of these comebacks, so….

Still proud,

still loud


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