Never Bow To Fascism

Disrespect? Because we don’t worship the flag, the military, or a 2nd rate song?

Because they choose to kneel, in reverence, in non-violence, to bring attention to their plight, on the platform they have been given?

How come you never shut dude up from The Price Is Right? Hmmm? Always going on about spay and neutering… a topic, a dilemna near and dear o his heart… ‘Hmmm?… Could it be….whiteness?”

Seriously though, if they want to kick people out if the country for not respecting a fucking song, what’s next?

Do we need to bow now?

Is that what is coming next?

We gonna have to bow to the president? Bow, to show his dominance over us, our subservient status compared to him?

I will NEVER worship a flag!

I will NEVER worship a song!

I Will Never Worship a Military!



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