Exotic Food and Little Dietary Lies

Oh.. and dont be afraid o try new and exotic things out on your kids… the key to it, is to not tell them. Lie, cheat,coat it in ranch, but make them eat it, finish it, gush over how good it is, befoe you tell them what it is… yeah, it’s lying to your kids,.. I dont give a fuck, do it! The other option is a kid that ends up spending his life subsisting on cereal and pizza delivery… Not exactly the diet of a go getter… in my opinion.

No. Lie to them, don’t tell them until after.inevitable

Trust me, it works out… you should see my kids go nuts for nopalitas… never would have happened had I introduced them, just in pickled form, to them, even though they love pickles.

Nope, I diced it and cooked it, dodged the slime factor for their first taste of it, now they are hooked. Slime doesn’t matter to them, all three of them will get wrist deepin the jar if you don’t stop them.

It’s Ok to tell children

Little dietary Lies

That kind of fib gets missed

By gods ears and eyes


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