Blatant Lie, Wrapped In Societal Truthism

It is a bold faced lie, a lie, wrapped in a societal truth, or truthism…

Marijuana, itself doesnt cause vilolence, no that is inaccurate, to the point of ridiculousness.

And yet, historically, that violence has occured, and it has been a reaction to marijuana. Not a reaction by the users, but by by those not using it.

It is the non users that act with violence, TOWARDS the user. The violence of physical abuse, of torture, kidnapping and imprisonment.

And yes, the violence often has been death.

And why such a reaction? Why? Well. Anslinger provides the answer in the second sentence…”makes darkies think they’re as dood as the white man’

That right there, that uppityness. That realization, that we ARE equal, that the Constitution applies to ALL

Couldn’t have a common weed causing brown people to actually BELIEVE in that American dream.

Worse, couldn’t have white people start smoking, and come to the realization themselves. Couldn’t have white folks, poor white folks, realize they were in the same boat, as the poor brown folk.

Couldn’t let poor folk come to the realization, that the only folks in a better boat,were rich folks!


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