Discussion of Arizona Governor’s Debate, With Avram, Becomes Lyrics

Was explaining to Avi that we were gonna be turning the TV away from kids shows at 7 pm, so I could watch the Arizona Governors debate, between Ducey and Garcia..

Told him, I really wanted to watch Garcia make Ducey look douchey

Without batting an eye, Avi replied,” Like Sushi?”

I looked at him,and said,”hell yeah boy, like Sushi, good stuff!”

We rattled back and fortha couple of times, and this was the result.

Wanna watch,






slicing him up,

like sushi

see ya later

Buy a bag

Of fresh ducey

Twenty bucks

Nice and juicy

Sliced and diced

All fluffy

And moussey

… Ah, first father son lyrics collaboration.. snf snf.. #dadlife


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