Things I Didn’t Know, That I Didn’t Know; Menu Planning #dadlife

Stay at home dadding…

boy howdee are there some things, that I didnt know I didn’t know.

Lots of stuff, mundane stuff, stuff that can kill a day in a heartbeat, that can drag a week along like a ragged net across a shallow bay.

Cooking, and of course the cleaning, we all know that is a chore, a drudgery if you let it be. We all know how bad it can be, or at least we think we do.

One of the big, holy crap, kinda mindblowers, at least for me, was menu planning… yeah, I dont know about the rest of you guys, but menu planning, fror me was never for more than a day or two after a shopping trip, that was tops.

That can drag a week along like a ragged net across a shallow bay

Try that bullshit after you got kids. Finicky, cranky, messy kids!

Nope. Kids get bored, quick. q!

Not like us,.. remember, single guys….

couple of packs of brautwurst, or maybe polish dogs, buns and condiments… could cover lunch 5 days a week for me…

pizza two nights a week… that WAS menu planning

Not with these kids, or any, I imagine. Nope, trust me, without variety, their favorite foods can become a waste of money, if they have to eat it 4 days a week! Not even Peanut Butter and Jelly can survive that gauntlet!

And it isnt the cooking, or the shopping, that kills

it’s the planning… meat or proteins, every day, and they can’t be the same every day.

What left overs are there?

What is going to go bad, in the fridge, if we don’t use it soon?

What needs to be defrosted?

What vegetable did I use last night? night before?

Is there bread…What kind?

Guys when you were single… how often did you have more than one kind of bread on hand, did not involve buns, be they hamburger or hotdog?


How many of you guys stocked sandwich bread, rolls, raisin bread, Italian bread., yadayada bread, on the regular?


I mean, I was a good cook, AM a good cook…. but hey, those second date meals get a little stale, when the kids get them EVERY MONTH!

Ya gotta learn how to break up the monotony, without breaking the bank…

…. and if ya figure out how, be sure to let me know!



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