Comments? Show Me The Funny… Hit Me With Yer best Bazinga!

So many ways to go with this one… I think this post may grow,expand, if you will, over time… Give me your best shots in the comments, i will add them to the post, as time, and dadhood, permits…. Seriously…

Does that mean they arrest that many? With a warm ‘ How-dee-doo as they implore you to cough for your strip search? Is that part of the equation?


Is this like Hawaii, where you get a lei upon landing?

Somebody gonna be face down ass up at the bottom of the ramp when I get off the plane in KC?


We’l. Sass your Can

And cans your ass

Give it tou ya slow

Give it to ya fast

Fisting? Rimming?


Like it anonymous?

Hole of glorily?

Ugly orpretty

Here in kansas city

We’ll get up in

yer nitty gritty

Come by plane, bus

car or scooter

In Kansas City

Ya get it in the pooter


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