Ducks Victorious! Valuable Experience Gained… But We Aint BACK… yet…

So I got to hear the game, not see it, but that was exciting in it’s own right. Followed the game on the phone as best I could.

And, Like many others, was holding my breath, late in the game, up by 18 points. Holding it, because the memory of Stanfords 21 point swing the previous week is still a fresh wound.

Thankfully, the lat game turnovers were Ca;l’s, out of desperation… as opposed to what happened the previous week,when the Ducks snatched defeat out of he jaws of certain victory.

Huskies, the next test. revenge, oh Mallards…. there must be revenge….

Then, we can say we are BACK!!!

Canzano: Oregon Ducks kick Cal around, earn date with Chris Petersen’s purple army


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