I Missed On Purpose, Old Man, Take Care! #dadlife

The kids, cannot seem to come to concensus on a movie to watch this evening, and dad is tired of refereeing. So, as dads do, when there is plenty of other shit to do, i went unilateral on them, and decided to pick for them.

Now nobody was happy with dad’s choice, as there was no way i was going to play favorites when all of them were being petulant.. so dad picked something in the kids movie books, that he hadnt see a dozen times in the last month… i know, shocking, that i am not clamoring to memorize ad nauseum whatever movie the kids are obsessing on this week… I am old, and done some shit, in my past…i haven’t got brain cells to waste memorizing Disney drivel.. sorry, not sorry.. but I am off topic…

Baby sister asked, why do you get to say what movie dad?

I dont want that, I want this

Cuz I am the boss baby girl, that’s why

No daddy, I dont want that movie!

Why you get to choose?


I looked at her, and said, rather smuglt

Well littlegirl, I am the daddy

I am big, and yu are little

And there is nothing you can do about it ok/

Ya got that little missy?

yer only this high, i said, reaching down to out my habd on her head, what are going to do about it

She looked at me, gave me her little defiant look, with baby stink eye, balled up her little fist, and punched me… right in the inner, upper thigh…. inches, from the adult male reset swithc, otherwise known as,da nutz.

She looked at me, pursed herlittle lips, as if to say…. I missed on purpose old man… take care..

point taken Princess sassy pants. The farce is strong with this one!


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