back up turn around

Avi starts backing up, looking at me grinning.. than he starts to turn around, then he backs up again, and continues spinning… yeah, he is mocking me. He is alternately spinning and backing up…

You see, I had told him to stop, then told him to back up, and then told him to turn around….. in my effort to stop his forward progress towards a disastrous 8 year old miscalculation….

he was going to start throwing something at a dragonfly up on the ceiling, a bandana in this case, and I just knew, in his launching and catching of said bandana, he was going to knock over and or break something, or things, that were precariously stacked in a sorting pile, directly under the dragonfly.

So Little smart ass that he is, “your son!”, as my my wife would syay, pointing and glaring at me, was literally, literally, following my directions,to mock me….

Well Played, Young man, Well Played…



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