Which Is Worse?

As parents Of three kids under 8, those hugging, snugly couple moments are few and far between…. when I get a chance to catch my wife in a hug, or a quick embrace, while passing in the hallway, tending to our increasingly demanding children, I try to do so. Even if we only get two deep breaths before a scream or howling wail, breaks us up, they are worth it, absolutely essential to our sanity and marital status…

As such, yesterday, during one of these brief but spectacular marital hug moments, I came across a dilemna,

a question, a…

dadding truth,

dadding dilemna….

Which is worse?

The fact that I think I just heard baby sister, a three year old, call her brother a shit head


The fact that I really don’t want to go and investigate, to find out if it is true or not… hoping, no fight will ensue, whatever she said, and I will be able to hug on my wife, for a few precious seconds longer?


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