Milo’s Take, on Marie Antoinette, Privilege, Kavanaugh and Cake

Milo, my five year old boy, was REALLY paying attention the other day, it turns out, at just the right momemt. Well, just the right moment to cause an awkward dscussion… thanx alot, brett kavanaugh, and you decrepit republican senators!

He was dialed in, apparently, the other night, when on the news, some investigative journalists were laying out some of the details, of some Kavanaugh correspondence from college, that was pretty forthcoming about drinking, carrousing, and most of all, puking. yeah, barf was a major subject here, probably why Milo was so interested… I mean, what five year old doesn’t want to hear an experts testimony on bgross bodily functions, right?

After going thru Kavanaugh’s own admitted predilection for puking, and that of his presumed guests at hi parties,

milo turned to me and asked, “Why is he puking?”

Before I can can fornmulate a reply, he follows up with, “If it is a party, why are they puking? puking isn’t fun”

Now I am paused, probably slack jawed as well, because I am not sure what to say..

Should I… Try to explain that when people drink too much, they get sick, and follow that down he rabbit hole of “why’s?”, that will inevitably emanate from mr Milo, if I do?

Or… do I make up some story, some lie, some cover, as he is a bit young, perhaps, to be explaining this to?

Fortunately, Milo interrupted me, as I began to hem and haw towards a decision on how to answer. He hit me, with this little nugget of wisdom…

“Did they at too much cake? Is that why they got sick?”

…saved by the innocence of a five year old boy, and an old quote from Marie Antoinette, echoing in my mind…

“Indeed my boy!” I replied, “Indeed! To much cake, the cake of privilege”, I added, only half under my breath.”Privilege is EXACTLY why they got sick!”

“Yeah” Milo says, without batting an eye, “Too much cake isn’t good for anybody.”


Indeed little man, indeed. And we think these littles don’t have a real grasp on the world… better grasp than most adults, I’d say.



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