There Are Times, It Just Doesn’t Pay To Explain

“Can we watch Madagascar again dad?” Avi asks

My instantaneous response, was, “No”

“Why not?” He asks

“No”, was my simple reply. We had just finished watching the damn movie!

He persists, “why not?”

I reply, a bit more forcefully, while trying to get down the hall, to one task or another that I am trying to finish up, “cuz i said no”

“But why dad?” He continues

I stop, exasperated by now, and through gritted teeth, I fully explain it. I say,

“Because, though I may be a masochist, there is a line, and that crosses it, that’s why!! Because I have had all of the New York zoo animals with attitude I can take this morning! My hands are full enough with the little zoo animals with attitude I got in you three, that’s why!”

“What?” He says, totally lost now. “What do you….?”

“Stop”. I interrupted . “Never mind all that. I just said no, that is why… get it.. just no, and no more questions, OK?”” Let’s take a break from the TV, ok?”

“Ok…… Um, Dad?”

“Yesss…? I sigh…

He then asks, “What’s a masochist?”


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