Milo, Brow Muggin’ His Momma!

Milo, apparently used a very classic move of his daddy’s, on his momma the other day.

To look at me, and my wife you realize she must have a great sense of humor.

As such, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that my sense of humor helped win her heart.

Funny faces, faces really, are a talent, or a gift with me. If not a talent, certainly a thing with me.

My wife was a real sucker for the funny, yet sexxy eyed eyebrow raise, or flutter, ala john belushi on carrie fisher in blues brothers, or that old classic, Groucho Marx… That, if yer gonna hustle me, ya better be cute about it, kind of weakness.

I, being a master of such mugging, and being smarter than the average bear, was merciless with it’s use…. so merciless, she asked me to marry her!

It seems, Milo has inherited these talents.

In this instance, it seems, Milo, was on a quest for a flashlight. It was nighttime, and the other two kids had found flashlights, with working batteries(rather important detail), for their nighttime rabble rousing

Generally, we are pretty stingy with the flashlights, as the kids, generally speaking, are pretty rough on them. A working, findable flashlight is an absolute necessity, out here in the desert. More so, during Monsoon Season, where power outages can be a daily occurrence.

So I literally inventory the flashlights, to make sure we have one more working flashlight than children, before I let them haven’t them.

Monsoon Season having just ended, we are a bit more relaxed with the flashlights, though we still don’t want them to break them, or waste the batteries.

Anyhow, the other two kids had already found flashlights and were outside raising hell, and Milo was having trouble finding a working flashlight, and approached Mommy for help, augmented by the aforementioned eyebrow magic…

“Hey Mommy?”wiggling his eyebrows, and with a lilt in his voice, “flashlight?”

A minute or so later, Icome down the hallway, and, before I can finish asking what she was looking for, as it was apparent that she wash rushing about looking for something, “She blurts out,” he used the eyebrows on me!”your son!”

“What? Who?”

“Milo! He asked me to help him find a flashlight, then he used the eyebrows on me!”

I laughed a little, and coyly asked, “Didn’t I used to use that on you? Didn’t that pretty much work every time?”

“Yes! You asshole! Why do you think I am rushing around trying to get him a flashlight?”

Guess that boy is starting early!



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