Dennis Hoff, Pimp, Republican Candidate, Allegedly Fucked Himself To Death At His 72nd Birthday Party

This is too rich! This fucking dirty old republican pimp fucked himself to death, at least it’s the most likely scenario, for his 72nd birthday!

Is anybody gonna say Cocaine out loud?

And, oh my God, he’s already on the ballot in Nevada, they can’t take him off ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yeah way to say fuck you republican party! no way they can get somebody else on the ballot even as a write in, and you know people are going to vote for his dead body just to be weird, just to avoid voting for a Democrat. I love it!

And before you start bitching about me disrespecting the dead,the guy was a human trafficker, OK? White slavery, brown slavery, black slavery … as long as it was female, he would enslave it. Really don’t really care about having any sort of feelings for his passing. fuck him and everybody who benefited from him, or his dealings!

Yeah, that means you to Trumpelstiltskin… Dirty Dawg Dennis loved you, threw plenty of dirty money your way

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof found dead in bed by Ron Jeremy | Daily Mail Online

Dennis Hof died on Tuesday at the age of 72 his campaign manager revealed, just a few weeks before he was set to compete in the general election for a seat in the House of Representatives.
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