Carnal Corn? WTF?

I wander into the kitchen, just in time for this conversation, between Milo, my 5 year old, and Aeshna, my 3 year old.

What is this?” asked Aeshna.

“It’s carnal” says Milo.” Yucky”.

“What?” She queries again.

“It’s Carnal, sister, carrrr-nall. Carnal, with popcorn!” He replies emphatically, waving his arms, as if to ward her away from it.

“Carnal?” She repeats.”carnal? Oooh yucky!” She agrees with her brother.

“Yeah, it’s gross, carnal on corn, ugh, gwoss!”

Now, I was doing my best, not to laugh out loud, firstly, because I didn’t want to embarrass him. Common mistake. But secondly, I certainly didn’t want to tell him any of the dirty, gross things that were whipping down the many tracks of my over active mind!

ya feel me, right?


I’ll correct his wording next time…..



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