Sausage feet

My feet, the bottoms feel like I had been in the pool for hours. The skin feels loose.

My feet had been swollen so badly, so huge, that the skin is having trouble snapping back.

They were swelled up, like sausages, for a good month and a half.

I had broken my toe, pinky toe, pretty severely. It was turned sideways a bit, a-bit Right of center, as it were.

As a result, for the first time, I was taking naproxin, to my prescribed levels.

I had recently switched, from taking Ibuprofin for about 2-3 years. I wasnt taking the max dose, more like one a day… maybe 5 Ibuprofen a week, but it was pretty consistent, in that almost daily use.

rarely did i use two a day.

The VA doctor, or Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant , or whatever, suggested the change to naproxen….

As i really didnt take it much, hardly at all, since the renewal of my Medical Marijuana Card, to be truthful, i didnt notice any side effects. for a while.

Now, as I have also been dealing with psoriasis, and even shingles lately, the mild rash I should probably have noticed, as an allergic reaction, wasn’t noticed. It didnt register, I just figured it was a psoriasis flare up.

But that changed. I suppose it was probably a week maybe a week and a half in taking the naproxen but I started to notice the swelling. Again I have swelling before and 1 foot of the other generally attributing it to my plantar fasciitis and perhaps nitrates. But it really lasted for a whole day much less both feet for multiple days.

luckily, i had managed to schedule an appointment with the VA couple months or so before, it takes that long with the VA. So just lucky, I guess, that I had an appointment a week later.

. By this time it is been almost 2 weeks of my feet being too swollen to put in shoes, sandals anything. Not even socks! I had been driven to duct taping my inserts for my planter fasciitis, to a pair of Adidas slip on shower shoes, so that I could walk at all.

It really was bad, felt like my feet were going to explode. Felt like they were up to that kind of pressure where you fear a bicycle tire might blow up.

Have you have ever watched the hotdog skin split open in the microwave, when you left it in there for too long? . I imagined my foot exploding exactly that way. Just looking down to see Hot dog meat flopping around on the side of my sandals.

Well, the Doctor wasnt much help… couldn’t really tell, ordered some tests. Agreed it wasn’t good whatever it was. Though he wanted to wait for some tests to come back, The prognostic possibilities the Doctor gave me arent very good.


prognosis said it could be one of three things. could be my heart, could be my kidneys, or it could be my liver.

Really won’t know without two further tests. He does say, that given I wasn’t a drinker, I’m currently not a drinker and haven’t been for a long time. That he doubts it is my liver. Can’t be sure, though until the further tests come back.

Also, preliminary tests point away from it being the heart as well. But again, further tests were needed.

Now, he couldn’t, at least initially, understand why it would be the kidneys, but without further tests he couldn’t rule it out.

I I however believe I might understand how the kidneys could be the problem after all given what I’ve learned.

You see as I said I remembered that allergy reaction mild little rash that I got. And as I watched the swelling go down over a month without taking naproxen figured it must’ve been a slow build up of that mild reaction.

Unfortunately I had to I haven’t been able to share this knowledge with the doctor as he caught him sick from my last appointment.

I have yet to see the doctor or, to be truthful manage to reschedule that appointment. Pretty full plate, with three kidsand as I said things have improved I can actually walk again.

I suppose though I should get a round of rescheduling that appointment, figure out how much damage to my kidneys that naproxen did.


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