As If My Feet Haven’t Been Thru Enough!

Let’s just add insult to injury! Just when it seems the swelling has gone down enough for me to put on shoes, and maybe make a walk to the library….

This, this purple circle, this deep tissue puncture wound and bruise!!

Found this lovely, short, fat, nail, with my heal, and the full force of my incredible bulk, trying to hurry out the front door after a wailing kid in the front yard.

It had managed to get wedged, standing upright like the Washington Monument, out of a gap in our well worn, poorly cared for, old miner’s shack, hardwood slab floor.

Yup, was just waiting there, my puncture of the day….. usually it’s a goathead, or some sort of cactus spine…. but nooo, today we had to be an over achiever!!

I swear I felt that fucker hit the bone!


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