“The Golden ‘Shroom!” He Wailed!

“Dad, Dad, Dad, I found the golden mushroom Dad look! I found a golden mushroom!!”

Recent rains from the outer edges of Mexico’s last couple of hurricanes have made for some not so common to the area mushroom grows, both in our yard and at the park adjacent.

We have been finding a number of mushrooms as of late. In fact, this new hurricane hitting Mexico as it raining here as I write this.

Now, since we are homeschooling, seems only right that we dissect the thing, right?

Funniest part, is that we left it on top of our refrigerator overnight. Mommy found it when she came home from work, wasn’t sure what it was. Granted, she didn’t have her glasses, on so that made it a little harder.

Anyhow, her first thought was, “who the hell left a drumstick on top of the fridge, and how long has it been there?”


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