Is The Maga Myth Of A Mulatto American Downfall A Collective Cuckold Fantasy?

Shakespeare said,

Me thinks thou dost protest too much!

Seriously all these Red Pill, Men Going Their Own Way, Western Chauvinist, He-Man Woman Haters Club from Little Rascals all growd up, Whiners are too much!

These Phobia collectors, wanna be victims… I think deep down, they want this cuckolding.

Not just individually, this is collective. This is a collective psychosis or collective fantasy. It’s like subconsciously their DNA, which strives for variety to ensure the propagation of the species, that DNA is overriding their desires to be white. The DNA is saying, “you know we all need to mix it up.”

So perhaps that’s where the collective e‘cuckolded, ‘black man on my white wife’, ‘brown man, on my white wife’, ‘they took our jobs’,’they’re going to make us extinct’, shit comes from.

perhaps they want it to happen, that’s why they’re complaining about it so much. Deep down there DNA says it has to happen or they will wither on the vine.

Humankind’s natural inclination is to choose for genetic diversity. you don’t choose someone that looks just like you generally speaking. there are those narcissistic exceptions and what not, but generally as a species, we, like other species, strive for diversity.

I can tell you, not just anecdotally, but personally, it’s the fact. That desire for diversity is a fact.

My own wife made it very clear that one of my big selling points was that I was going to be able to give her brown babies. Brown babies had been her desire since she could remember. Even as a child, she wanted to have brown babies.

Wanted a man with darker skin than her. This, was so that her children could have darker skin than her, as she was self-conscious about her own whiteness.

And this was in no way an anomaly. She was not the only woman whom I dated that commented on how beautiful and brown her babies would be if she had them with me. Multiple, many women that I’ve dated said this or something similar. Hell, numerous women that I didn’t date, just wanted to have my baby, thought My combination of skin, hair, and smarts was exactly what they wanted in a donor.

Lesbian couples who decided that I would be the perfect ‘baby batter’ donor for the child they want to raise.

And I am not the only one. Most of my friends with any level of melanin in their skin at all, have had similar experiences. “Oh we’d make such beautiful babies”. Yeah, That happened. Alot. White women love brown men. Not exclusively but they certainly don’t push them away. I mean, Dark, is part of, Tall, Dark, and handsome”. You see that, right?

And the same can be said of white men. Beyoncé or J Lo ring any bells? Sophia Loren? Salma Hayek? Shakira?

We have a national fixation with the beautiful brown woman with a nice big booty. And that fixation, for the White Nationalist, sets off their self loathing.

The fact that they would look at that, what they consider to be, dogmatically at least, a beast, and lust for it. Just fucks with their little brains don’t you think?

Perhaps the reason they are so drawn to Fascism, so willing to lick the boots and feel the whip, is that subconsciously they feel they cannot be forgiven until they too, have spent some time in the yoke and collar. Spent some time in the field, feeling the whip and tasting sweat and blood.

Just some thoughts.

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