Love, More In Deed Than Word

I was raised

In a loving home

But it was a love

based on actions,

not words

A love,

with bear hugs

With personal calls,

not sanitized

thank you notes.

With a table,

short on cutlery

short on manners

But overflowing

with food and care.


I tend

to come up short

When it comes

to declaring

But I excel

at the showing

The being

The real

Acts of love

Not verbalizations,

not script

Loving actions

Loving actions

Stop talking

Stop scribbling

Start acting

Start being



2 thoughts on “Love, More In Deed Than Word

  1. Didn’t have loving actions, no displays of affection, have never been hugged, held, touched by either of my parents. Have never been told that they cared of even liked me. Have never been told that they loved me. Do not remember that with any of my immediate family. Raised strict, sit still in church, don’t ask questions, don’t talk back, stay outside, sit in the lap of my child molesting preacher uncle and don’t tell what he does to you because you are a liar, ( he raped one cousin and molested several others of us) . I didn’t realize until this last year how mean and cruel my father was to others until it was turned on me. This family’s secrets would make a great horror movie.


    1. Damn Shirl….. I am sorry….lucky was I, to have at least part of my family be relatively functional and loving…… I am starting to bring to light many a story…. even that of my own abuse as a chid…. working on some stories detailing some of the atrocities and triumphs of my ancestors…. If we don’t talk, shine a light, it continues….. so…. if you feel inclined, share with me…. I will write that horror movie. I am already working on the story of how Earl and my gramma got together…. working title, “A Little Lust In The Dust”, so I aint skerred to tell the truth, to change names to protect the innocent and name names to crucify the guilty


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